Treatment of Internal Bleeding

Severe internal bleeding is an alarming condition and can pose a serious threat to life and well being of the individual. The most dangerous quality of internal bleeding is that it can be slow and may remain undetected for quite a lot of time until a very later stage. Treatment of internal bleeding is of utmost importance as it can cause serious problems and depending on the location increased pressure coupled with loss of blood can lead to unconsciousness, coma and even death. The main objective is first to identify the site of internal bleeding and then attend to it immediately. Mostly the sites are such that only a small preliminary help can how do you know if you have herpes be provided and then rush towards the nearest emergency unit.

In many cases the site is determined by the presence of blood in vomit, urine or stool or by the coughing of blood. The main symptoms to watch out for are feelings like anxiety, fainting, giddiness, dilation of pupils, cold skin, paleness, hyperventilation and a swollen rigid abdomen. Internal bleeding treatment can turn out to be really difficult if the bleeding source is hidden. This indicates the presence of an underlying malady such as cancer. The treatment of internal bleeding may depend on the site of bleeding such as the chest cavity, brain or abdomen. Medically there are four main ways with which internal bleeding treatment is brought on.

Surgical procedures done by the doctor which includes cuts and drainage and later blood transfusions

The second way is use of substances that would compress the blood vessels leading to the bleeding site and thus staunch the blood flow. They are called astringents. Use of substances that strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and make them less permeable. They are vascular permeability inhibitors.

Use of chemicals that cause thickening of blood in the form of blood clots which would end up sealing the source of bleeding. These chemicals are known as coagulants.

All of these ways cannot be messed with and the advice of doctors is necessary and they have to be treated with care. For example, too much of coagulants will lead to too much blood clots that can cause a stroke. Along with these supplements are also taken that will increase generation of new blood. They are lactoferrin, iron supplements, liposomal vitamin B12 and amino acids.

Internal bleeding treatment can also be done through natural ways. A main commonplace remedy is use of cayenne pepper. This pepper has great healing powers for both outer and internal cuts and bleedings. It is also known to be able to kill cancer. Bilberry is also a natural remedy for bleeding. It contains a substance called anthocyanins which naturally strengthen the blood vessels and capillaries that may be broken and thus reduces blood flow. Others are roots of Butcher’s broom, Yunnan Baiyo, Grape Seed extracts, Yarrow plant stem cells, Vitamin C, Horse chestnut, White oak bark and many others including Chinese remedial herbs.