Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

Have you ever noticed that there are hundreds or even thousands of male sexual enhancers out there? Definitely, the modern market is filled with various effective and safe supplements to treat the signs of sexual disorders. Patients usually want to reduce the whole condition treatment to a simple pill intake, particularly over-the-counter one. What is the reason for such a choice? Erectile dysfunction is the condition men are usually embarrassed to discuss, so they prefer non-prescription pills, which do not require medical consultation.

And here come supplements for erectile dysfunction rather than prescription drugs. At this point you can prevent the frustration and hassle of consultation with the doctor in order to receive the pill. Critics say that sexual supplements cannot work the same effectively as their original, prescription equivalents. However, there are certain herbal supplements, which promote a better impact on male sex functioning than traditional pills.

How do we know they are effective? A number of scientific studies were held to prove the effectiveness of ED supplements. During such researches, a group of people was using placebo, while another group was taking the investigational medication. The vast majority of offered supplements has never been approved as a result of randomized-placebo-controlled studies. Moreover, the FDA is not responsible for regulating supplements, since they work only with prescription drugs. People or companies selling supplements can claim these products to possess ultimate properties, from the ability to enlarge penis up to effectiveness in the increase of breast size. However, no scientific claims are available to support these promises.

Contrary to this, prescription drugs undergo a long and tiresome process of research, which can take up to 12 years. It starts with laboratory testing, moves to animal studies and up to exclusively monitored human trials. The cost of such investigations is around several million dollars, which further contribute to a high cost of prescription remedies.

Here is one important fact about placebo. Once you view the clinical trials of world-popular Viagra or its active ingredient Sildenafil, you will notice that over 30% of men using placebo experienced a considerable condition improvement. Can you believe the number? 30% of males managed to overcome the condition and get the desired erection without any active components or revolutionary pills. A single hope that the medication is effective can boost erectile function of a man. Therefore, even if the supplement produces the same effect, around 30% of its users will be satisfied with the outcomes and recommend the treatment to friends and relatives.

Are There Really Effective Supplements?

The question is still left unanswered: what supplements are effective? Several products were clinically tested and approved to be effective. The majority of supplements resulted in a better blood flow, similar to the bulk of prescription medications, such as Cialis, Viagra or Levitra. L-Citrulline is known as an amino acid, which is converted to nitric oxide within the body, the hormone that improves the blood flow to the penile area. Panax ginseng and Korean ginseng are extra supplements to stimulate the blood vessels activity and advance erections.

Are there other effective supplements? L-Arginine and Pycnogenol show a beneficial impact on the blood circulation to the penis. Keep in mind that supplements can interact with other pharmaceuticals and trigger certain side effects. Consult your doctor before their intake to make sure the course will be safe and you are not likely to experience any complications.

What Supplements Are Fake and Ineffective?

The list is ultimately long, so it is impossible to mention all the bogus supplements. However, the most known and demanded are DHEA, zinc, Tribulus, Ginkgo, Fenugreek and others. Special attention should be paid to zinc. Semen is rich in zinc, so the supplement is claimed to boost semen production. Nevertheless, there is no proof of such an influence. Instead, high-dose zinc supplements trigger high risks of prostate cancer development.

What Is the Best Supplement?

Are you still looking for top solution of sexual dysfunction? There is one effective way to balance the condition at the lowest cost. Exercise advances the blood flow and can boost the testosterone level, enhancing libido. No one likes this fact, but considerable weight loss and proper nutrition can also significantly contribute to sexual health, as well as overall wellness