Spicy Food and Stomach pain

Heavy spices are a part of many cuisines and even the mildest cuisines boast at least four to five dishes that are very spicy. Spicy food was more a part of Indian cuisines at first but now, it is spreading its wings in most other western cuisines. Although many people have started indulging into the tempting spicy delicacies but it has its negative effects as well. Overindulgence in spices is known to have very harmful effects on the digestive and circulatory system. In many cases spicy food stomach pain coupling has been observed. People eating too many spices at one time have reported to have terrible stomach aches followed by a loose stomach. Food is the only way to provide essential nourishment to the body and maintain a healthy body. However, some choice of foods taken by us can harm us as well.

Complaints like stomach pain after eating spicy food are normal among many cases. The main reason behind all these problems is due to the high acid content in spicy food. Although spices provide a number of vitamins and nutrients that are present in them in abundance but too much of these same nutrients start giving more harm than good. Spicy food stomach ache sensation is mainly because it stimulates the inner wall of esophagus and stomach. Spices are basically a combination of acids. When too much of these acids are introduced into the stomach which already has its own acidic contents, it starts damaging the walls of the stomach. This condition is called heart burn or acid reflux.

Many bodies cannot withstand spicy foods and trigger this reflux. Also other than pain, spicy foods have other effects such as bad breath. This is because majorly the spices come from elements like peppers, garlic and onions which contribute to long term of oral problems. They can cause insomnia as well as they raise the general body temperature when consumed thus causing sleep deprivation. In order to avoid this, drinking milk before sleep can be a good remedy. The cause of stomach pain after eating spicy food can be due to gastritis. In this the stomach lining gets inflamed because of various infections that come from spicy foods. Hemorrhoid can also be the reason behind all the stomach aches. It is a condition where the anal canal gets swollen or inflamed.

The main reason behind this condition is known to be spicy eating habits. It is a very hurtful disease especially when the time to take a bowel comes. It can only be treated by a minor operation in which the hemorrhoid is removed. The condition can be external or internal both. Another harmful effect is that types of bacteria consumption of spices has known to produce burning effects on skin and insides of the mouth. Spices such as hot chili peppers can produce this burning sensation so much so that it is capable of causing blisters on the palate and lips.