Sharp Pain at the Right Side of my Body – Is it harmful?

When one’s workload increases throughout time, it is unavoidable for one to overlook their health problems. Some sicknesses might be small and hard to be noticed, but when the sicknesses become worse, it is no longer possible for one to continue ignoring the sickness. By this, it demands for immediate treatment before the problem becomes worse. There are many sicknesses that can cause unbearable pain for one to the extent that one is unable to carry out their daily duties, and one of these unbearable pain may be caused when one is experiencing a sharp pain at the right side of his/her body, more commonly known as the right side abdominal pain.

There are many causes that may lead to the occurrence of sharp pain at the right side of one’s body (the right side abdominal pain). These causes include Gallstones, inflammation of the gall bladder, occurrence of kidney stones, constipation, trapped wind, pulled muscles, duodenal ulcers, appendicitis, and ectopic pregnancy. Finding the source of the pain would definitely help in seeking for the right treatment to solve the problem. Thus, it is recommended that you seek a doctor immediately for advice once you vagus nerve experience the sharp pain at the right side of your body.

Apart from that, there are also other minor causes for the occurrence of sharp pain at the right side of your body. For instance, food poisoning can also be part of the reason for this symptom to occur. The sharp pain at the right side of your body can make you feel like someone has just stabbed you in your abdominal. It could be really frustrating and suffering if you do not treat this problem as soon as possible.

There are many ways for you to determine the cause of the sharp pain at the right side of your body. You can go through your medical history and check if you had any similar medical record related to the current pain you are having right now; or you can head on to a doctor and request for a proper checkup. Upon knowing the cause for your problem, you will be directed to see a specialist who will help you further in solving it. Do not attempt any other treatments without having the real cause of your problem diagnosed because it may lead to negative or worse circumstances.

If your pain gets serious even after following the remedies given by the doctor, you can also try out some pain killers and see if the pain will disappear. However, if it gets worse, be sure to see your doctor immediately. It is also recommended for you to keep yourself away from heavy activities when you are experiencing sharp pain at the right side of your body.