Everything You Need to Know about Sports Medicine

If you are interested in sports injury treatment and prevention, be sure to think over the opportunity to build a career in the field of sports medicine. Keep on reading and you will learn a lot of useful facts about this branch of medicine.

The aim of sports medicine is to help professional athletes and amateur sportsmen achieve great results without damaging health. Exercise medicine specialists deal with various physical conditions and injuries.

Who Is a Sports Medicine Specialist?

Thats an individual who has specialized education and works with athletes. Sports medicine specialists can collaborate with both research institutions and healthcare centers.

Such specialists should get a general medical education and complete an exercise medicine educational program. There is a variety of programs for those who plan to work in this field. Sports medicine specialists include sports physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists, surgeons and other specialists. They have different kinds of degrees (from bachelor`s to doctoral) and certificates.

For example, sports medicine physicians specialize in treating exercise-related diseases and injuries. In fact, they work with athletes, sports enthusiasts and everybody recovering after an injury. As a rule, to become such a specialist, you need to have a certificate in orthopedics, family practice or emergency medicine, as well as to receive an additional education in exercise medicine.

Another popular profession in this field is a certified athletic trainer. Such a specialist should have an education in the field of athletic healthcare. To get a certificate one has to pass an exam covering such issues as prevention, diagnosis and treatment of exercise-related injuries, healthcare administration and professional development.

One should note that today the number of schools offering sports medicine programs is constantly increasing. Only a few years ago those who wanted to become an exercise medicine specialist had to choose from a very limited number of specialties. But today most medical universities have programs in athletic training, sports science, sports psychology and other fields related to exercise medicine.

What Do You Need to Know about Sports Science?

Sports science (or exercise science) is studying of the principles of anatomy, physiology and psychology in relation to physical activity. This branch of science is quite young. And at this stage, most researches focus on how the lack of physical activity impact on the human organism and how the body adapt to exercise. Researchers work with professional sportsmen and ordinary people presenting various age groups, from kids to the elderly. Scientists address both psychological and physical components of sports.

Sports science comprises multiple branches. One of them is sports psychology. Now this branch is rapidly developing. It focuses on the mental and emotional problems and needs of those engaged in some kind of sports activities. According to multiple researches, for professional athletes developing mental skills (such as goal-setting or focusing) is as important as improving physical skills. That is why today most athletes and coaches acknowledge that every club or team should have a sports psychologist. Such specialists help sportsmen overcome stress, recover after injuries and better performance.

What will happen next?

The field of exercise medicine is developing rapidly now. In course of time this process is likely to gain pace. The number of specialists operating in this sphere will increase significantly. They will introduce new methods and tools and will propel sports medicine to a new level.