Dental Implants and their cost

Dental implants are non-natural synthetically produced polymers shaped in the exact replica of your teeth and then embedded inside the jawbone as a replacement of the original tooth. Whether blame it to a trend of eating foods high in sugar content or bad brushing habits or too many chocolates in every sweet item available in the market, dental problems are increasing day by day. A study has revealed that every one person out ten nowadays have no teeth or has at least one missing tooth, either broken or gotten removed. To fill these gaps bridges and dentures are used but both these devices are uncomfortable and cause damage to teeth beside them. Moreover they weaken you’re your strength to bite and have many other drawbacks.

Because of these and many other reasons tooth implants are gaining a lot of popularity. However the first question that comes when dental implants low lymphocytes are concerned is how much does a tooth implant cost? As it has almost no contraindications and suits almost everyone, the only concern left behind is that of pricing. But as ordinary as it may seem many factors affect on how much does a dental implant cost. In general if compared with other tooth restoration jobs, dental implants turn out to be a little expensive. Operations like root canals, fillings, cleanings etc are first tried and then when all these services fail to save the tooth then the option of a tooth implant is considered. Still, the answer to the question as to how much does a tooth implant cost, cannot be given without taking into account a number of factors. It is quite hard to give a concrete average for a single tooth implant cost. Majorly the prices vary by region. Other factors account to the amount of training had by the particular practitioner in performing dental implants, the yearly amount of implants done by the dentistry practitioner, complications present in the implant procedure (if any) and a number of other factors that may affect the cost of the total implant procedure.

If a calculated estimate is taken for how much does a dental implant cost, the average comes around to be about $4,000 in USA. Though in many cases a single procedure involving a dental implant of one tooth can amount to any cost above or below this figure. Largely it will depend on the surgeon or dentist that is performing the implant and also the jaw’s condition in which the implant is to take place. Every fixture can cost from $800 to $2,500 and each crown can cost around $600 to $1,500. Cumulatively the whole cost regarding the dental implant can range from $1,500 to $4,000. If compared this cost is quite a lot than a small fixed bridge. If a total upper or lower jaw is to be implanted then the cost comes to be $18,000 to $30,000. This cost is 10 to 15 times more than a full denture. Still everything depends on the patients priorities and relative benefits of the implant.