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The Mission: To help get more people involved with the sport of fitness and bodybuilding.

Health & Personal Care was made to give the best supplement reviews to help users get the best supplements without spending hundreds of dollars of their own money testing out the millions of supplements to find one that actually does what it claims. I do the work for you and spend time reviewing many different products to find the best of the best. I don’t claim to be a supplement or fitness know-it-all, I just review the supplements by taking them for a specific amount of time and letting the product speak for it self. All supplements will be judged on: Taste, Price, Quality, Results, and convenience.

I have come to find that it doesn’t take someone with a PHD in nutrition to say what works and what doesn’t, ultimately the user has to figure out if it works for them. So here I am, a user just like you to test and review. Taking my advice and reviews as fact probably won’t be best, just use them as a helpful reference to aid you in purchasing quality supplements.

The real reason that inspired me to start writing supplement reviews was that so many people even in this day and age don’t understand extreme fitness and bodybuilding. I personally think the sport of bodybuilding is one of the most misunderstood sports out there. The more we ( people involved with fitness and bodybuilding) get this sport out in the open, the more it can grow. So with each and every review I hope to reach even just one person and get them into fitness and/or bodybuilding so it can flourish.